Dafuq is THIS? (Or, Hating Yourself for half-price..)

Eating a plant-based diet at home really isn’t hard.  Once you’ve rooted through your kitchen and thrown out the crap, and then stocked up on good wholesome shit, throwing a great meal together is a snap. (Not to mention as cheap as you want it to be…it’s a myth that veganism is expensive.)

And then you leave the confines of your own home and realize that most of the people that you meet seem to dislike themselves, or at the very least, are indifferent. What else could explain the fact that folks will put vile shit like canned “luncheon meat” in their pie holes?  (I mean, this is essentially jellied pink vomit in a can, now on sale for the bargain price of $1.49 in my tiny town. Land of origin? Don’t ask.)


One of the most priceless lessons I discovered when I gave up drinking five months ago is the ability to not only figure out who I actually was, but then to realize that I rather liked that person I discovered. (Hey, why be modest…I’m Da Shit!)


That’s why I’m back to eating an overwhelmingly vegan diet.  I only want my loved ones to have the very best, and that includes my lovely self. I can’t completely feel at peace when I’m fueling my body with substandard food, or supporting a system of agriculture that is poisoning our planet and our people.

Not only that, but tofu is not only hella tasty and good with like, EVERYTHING, it also goes on sale ridiculously often and lasts a good long time in the freezer. The fact that it seems like the majority of people would rather eat the canned vomit than the soybean product is incomprehensible to me. C’mon people….love yourself just a little bit more than that.


If you need help with that, feel free to drop by and I’ll cook you up some tofu while I tell you how damn awesome you are.  (Have I mentioned how fucking HOT you look today?)

Peace and paradoxes,



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